Below is our Monday through Friday line up of programs.

Monday - Friday

Bible Teacher
5:00 AM
The Word for Today Chuck Smith
6:00 AM
Growing Thru Grace Jack Abeelen
7:00 AM
Apply Within Bob Davis
7:30 AM
A New Beginning Greg Laurie
8:00 AM
Truth for Life Alistair Begg
9:00 AM
Simple Truths Xavier Ries
9:45 AM
Answers In Genesis Ken Ham
10:00 AM
Back to Basics Brian Broderson
10:30 AM
Living in Christ Bob Hoekstra
11:00 AM
Chapter and Verse Mike Macintosh
12:00 PM
The Word For Today Chuck Smith
12:30 PM
According to the Scriptures Damian Kyle
1:00 PM
The Connection Skip Heitzig
2:00 PM
Searchlight Jon Courson
4:30 PM
Kingdom Kids' Praise Kids' Praise Music
5:30 PM
A Sure Foundation David Rosales
6:00 PM
Somebody Loves You Raul Ries
6:30 PM
Straight From the Heart Joe Focht
8:30 PM
On the Level Pancho Juarez
9:45 PM
Lighten Up Ken Davis
10:00 PM
Bridging the Gap Lloyd Pulley
11:00 PM
Grace for Today Bob Grenier